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Definition of Hyena


  1. Any carnivorous mammal of the family Hyaenidae, of which three living species are known. They are large and strong, but cowardly. They feed chiefly on carrion, and are nocturnal in their habits.

Hyena Quotations

A sense of humor is good for you. Have you ever heard of a laughing hyena with heart burn?
Bob Hope

I am an employment hyena. I am happy to make a meal of what the lions leave behind.
Henry Rollins

There's always the hyena of morality at the garden gate, and the real wolf at the end of the street.
D. H. Lawrence

My father used to call me the laughing hyena.
Phyllis Diller

Of all the creatures in the world that really frighten me - the hyena in Africa, the great white shark - leopard seals are near the top of the list. They're killers. If my team spots one, they'll pull me out of the water.
Lewis Gordon Pugh
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Hyena Translations

hyena in Dutch is hyena
hyena in Finnish is hyeena
hyena in Norwegian is hyene
hyena in Spanish is hiena
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