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Definition of Hutch


  1. To place in huts; to live in huts; as, to hut troops in winter quarters.
  2. A chest, box, coffer, bin, coop, or the like, in which things may be stored, or animals kept; as, a grain hutch; a rabbit hutch.
  3. A measure of two Winchester bushels.
  4. The case of a flour bolt.
  5. A car on low wheels, in which coal is drawn in the mine and hoisted out of the pit.
  6. A jig for washing ore.
  7. To hoard or lay up, in a chest.
  8. To wash (ore) in a box or jig.

Hutch Quotations

My house is a bit like a teenager's bedroom. The kind of pictures you have hanging up on your wall say a lot about you. I've got ones of Evel Knievel, Elvis and Starsky and Hutch, signed by David Soul.
Tim Vine

On 'Old School,' I was not an actor, I was Snoop Dogg, so I came to the set with a whole different vibe, and a different crew of people. And on 'Starsky and Hutch,' I was more of an actor. I wasn't Snoop Dogg, the rapper.
Snoop Dogg

Tina Fey and I have 15 things in development: 'Laverne and Shirley', 'Starsky and Hutch 3', 'Cagney and Lacey', 'Wonder Twins Activate From Two Hot Broads', 'Little House on the Prairie: The Musical: The Movie'.
Amy Poehler

I have a rescue dog named Fideo, which means 'noodle' in Spanish, and a cat named Hutch.
Ana Ortiz

'Big Sky Mountain' is the story of Hutch Carmody and Kendra Shepherd, lovers with a history, and a lot of hurt pride. The book is about finding their way back to each other, growing as people, and inventing a life they can share.
Linda Lael Miller
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Hutch Translations

hutch in German is Kasten, Kiste
hutch in Norwegian is bur
hutch in Swedish is hydda, kaninbur
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