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Definition of Hungarian


  1. Of or pertaining to Hungary or to the people of Hungary.
  2. A native or one of the people of Hungary.

Hungarian Quotations

When I think of Hungarian films, I think of despair and bleakness, and what's more, despair and bleakness of indefensible duration.
Tibor Fischer

It's not enough to have talent, you also have to be Hungarian.
Robert Capa

In some ways I believe music is the more convincing communicator of ideas than words. For instance, we can hear of Kordaly and Bartok and recognise them as Hungarian, but very few of us speak Hungarian, but the music itself speaks to more people.
Leonard Slatkin

Because my name is Hungarian, everyone assumed I knew about Hungary. I didn't. They also assumed that if you knew about Hungary, you also knew about the rest of Eastern Europe.
Tibor Fischer

I'm very drawn to Eastern Europe, so I like a Hungarian writer who wrote in French called Emil Cioran; he was always good for giving me such a stir.
Dylan Moran
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Hungarian Translations

hungarian in Afrikaans is Hongaars, Hongaar
hungarian in Danish is ungarer
hungarian in Dutch is Hongaars
hungarian in Finnish is unkarilainen
hungarian in French is Hongrois, Hongroise
hungarian in Italian is ungherese, unghurese
hungarian in Swedish is ungersk
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