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Definition of Humiliation


  1. The act of humiliating or humbling; abasement of pride; mortification.
  2. The state of being humiliated, humbled, or reduced to lowliness or submission.

Humiliation Quotations

The greatest humiliation in life, is to work hard on something from which you expect great appreciation, and then fail to get it.
E. W. Howe

I was not popular in school, and I was definitely not a ladies' man. And I had a very painful adolescence, because it was all very strange to me. It wasn't like I got beat up, but the humiliation and isolation, and the existential 'God, I exist, and nobody cares' of being a teenager were extremely pronounced for me.
Joss Whedon

I believe America is the most powerful country in the world and is a country that stands on principle. Its principles are enshrined in its very foundation and constitution, and it has a duty to serve humanity. America has a duty to follow its conscience to reject repression. It must reject oppression. It must reject humiliation.
Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

I appeal to you as a soldier to spare me the humiliation of seeing my regiment march to meet the enemy and I not share its dangers.
George Armstrong Custer

Humiliation is the beginning of sanctification.
John Donne
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Humiliation Translations

humiliation in Norwegian is ydmykelse
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