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Definition of Humanness


  1. The quality or state of being human.

Humanness Quotations

Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.
Sigmund Freud

I have seen in the Halls of Congress more idealism, more humanness, more compassion, more profiles of courage than in any other institution that I have ever known.
Hubert H. Humphrey

The only bond worth anything between human beings is their humanness.
Jesse Owens

If our hearts are ready for anything, we can open to our inevitable losses, and to the depths of our sorrow. We can grieve our lost loves, our lost youth, our lost health, our lost capacities. This is part of our humanness, part of the expression of our love for life.
Tara Brach

We need to remember that politics is all about people, not programs. We shouldn't want to take the humanness out of the political arena.
J. C. Watts
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Humanness Translations

humanness in German is Menschlichkeiten

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