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Definition of Hook


  1. A piece of metal, or other hard material, formed or bent into a curve or at an angle, for catching, holding, or sustaining anything; as, a hook for catching fish; a hook for fastening a gate; a boat hook, etc.
  2. That part of a hinge which is fixed to a post, and on which a door or gate hangs and turns.
  3. An implement for cutting grass or grain; a sickle; an instrument for cutting or lopping; a billhook.
  4. See Eccentric, and V-hook.
  5. A snare; a trap.
  6. A field sown two years in succession.
  7. The projecting points of the thigh bones of cattle; -- called also hook bones.
  8. To catch or fasten with a hook or hooks; to seize, capture, or hold, as with a hook, esp. with a disguised or baited hook; hence, to secure by allurement or artifice; to entrap; to catch; as, to hook a dress; to hook a trout.
  9. To seize or pierce with the points of the horns, as cattle in attacking enemies; to gore.
  10. To steal.
  11. To bend; to curve as a hook.
  12. A spit or narrow cape of sand or gravel turned landward at the outer end; as, Sandy Hook.
  13. To move or go with a sudden turn;
  14. to make off; to clear out; -- often with it.

Hook Quotations

I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just going to ask them where they're goin', and hook up with them later.
Mitch Hedberg

Hope is such a bait, it covers any hook.
Oliver Goldsmith

I have a structured songwriting process. I start with the music and try to come up with musical ideas, then the melody, then the hook, and the lyrics come last. Some people start with the lyrics first because they know what they want to talk about and they just write a whole bunch of lyrical ideas, but for me the music tells me what to talk about.
John Legend

Sometimes I'll have sections that I'm not quite sure how they fit in the puzzle of a tune, they'll get moved around; what I think was originally a verse ends up becoming the chorus, or what's an intro gets dropped as a hook, things get shifted around a lot.

If your concentration is getting bad, take up bass fishing. It will really improve your ability to focus. If you aren't ready when that fish hits, you can't set the hook.
Lee Trevino
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Hook Translations

hook in Danish is medekrog
hook in Dutch is haakje, slot, spang, agraaf
hook in Finnish is haka
hook in German is haken, anhaken, haken
hook in Italian is gancio
hook in Norwegian is hake, krok, knagg, hekte
hook in Portuguese is gancho, anzol
hook in Spanish is gancho, anzuelo
hook in Swedish is haka fast, koppla, hake, krok