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Definition of Honorary


  1. A fee offered to professional men for their services; as, an honorarium of one thousand dollars.
  2. An honorary payment, usually in recognition of services for which it is not usual or not lawful to assign a fixed business price.
  3. Done as a sign or evidence of honor; as, honorary services.
  4. Conferring honor, or intended merely to confer honor without emolument; as, an honorary degree.
  5. Holding a title or place without rendering service or receiving reward; as, an honorary member of a society.

Honorary Quotations

I was always being called upon to be an honorary boy alongside my brothers. I don't think I'd be a comic now if it hadn't been for that.
Jo Brand

I have more than 100 honorary Ph.D.s.
Lech Walesa

Honorary degrees and lifetime achievement awards are very encouraging. I know that it might sound strange that a writer who has published many books still needs encouragement, but this is true.
Joyce Carol Oates

Great God of the Ants, thou hast granted victory to thy servants. I appoint thee honorary Colonel.
Karel Capek

When I took the SAT, I didn't get accepted into a single white school that I applied to. Now I've got honorary degrees from a lot of those schools that rejected me. Things are different now, but not that much different.
Andrew Young
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Honorary Translations

honorary in Dutch is ere-, weledel, weledelgeboren
honorary in German is ehrenamtlich
honorary in Spanish is honorario
honorary in Swedish is heders-

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