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Definition of Honeymoon


  1. The first month after marriage.
If I can give you one strong piece of advice, when you go away for that romantic weekend, whatever you do, do not accept or take the upgrade to the honeymoon suite.
Gordon Ramsay

Go to a place where you're not going to be stressed, because a honeymoon itself can be a stressful thing.
Diane von Furstenberg

Honeymoon lasts not nowadays above a fortnight.
Samuel Richardson

I have a fantastic husband. Here's the honeymoon part: I still think he's the funniest, wittiest, most clever man I've ever known.
Sarah Jessica Parker

My clothes are great for a honeymoon: They're light and sexy, colorful and pretty, and not expensive.
Diane von Furstenberg

Honeymoon Translations

honeymoon in Dutch is huwelijksweken
honeymoon in French is lune de miel
honeymoon in German is Flitterwochen
honeymoon in Italian is luna di miele
honeymoon in Norwegian is bryllupsreise
honeymoon in Spanish is luna de miel

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