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Definition of Honey


  1. A sweet viscid fluid, esp. that collected by bees from flowers of plants, and deposited in the cells of the honeycomb.
  2. That which is sweet or pleasant, like honey.
  3. Sweet one; -- a term of endearment.
  4. To be gentle, agreeable, or coaxing; to talk fondly; to use endearments; also, to be or become obsequiously courteous or complimentary; to fawn.
  5. To make agreeable; to cover or sweeten with, or as with, honey.
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Honey Translations

honey in Afrikaans is heuning
honey in Danish is honning
honey in Dutch is honing
honey in Finnish is hunaja
honey in French is miel
honey in German is Honig
honey in Italian is miele
honey in Latin is mel mellis
honey in Norwegian is honning
honey in Portuguese is mel
honey in Spanish is miel