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Definition of Homage


  1. A symbolical acknowledgment made by a feudal tenant to, and in the presence of, his lord, on receiving investiture of fee, or coming to it by succession, that he was his man, or vassal; profession of fealty to a sovereign.
  2. Respect or reverential regard; deference; especially, respect paid by external action; obeisance.
  3. Reverence directed to the Supreme Being; reverential worship; devout affection.
  4. To pay reverence to by external action.
  5. To cause to pay homage.
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Homage Translations

homage in Dutch is hulde, eed van trouw, eerbetoon
homage in French is hommage
homage in German is Huldigung
homage in Latin is fidelitas
homage in Norwegian is hyllest
homage in Spanish is homenaje
homage in Swedish is hyllning