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Definition of Hoist


  1. To raise; to lift; to elevate; esp., to raise or lift to a desired elevation, by means of tackle, as a sail, a flag, a heavy package or weight.
  2. That by which anything is hoisted; the apparatus for lifting goods.
  3. The act of hoisting; a lift.
  4. The perpendicular height of a flag, as opposed to the fly, or horizontal length when flying from a staff.
  5. The height of a fore-and-aft sail next the mast or stay.
  6. Hoisted.

Hoist Translations

hoist in Dutch is hijsen, ophijsen
hoist in German is hochziehen, aufwinden, Fahrstuhl, hissen
hoist in Norwegian is heise
hoist in Spanish is enarbolar
hoist in Swedish is hissa, vinscha