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Definition of Hinder


  1. Of or belonging to that part or end which is in the rear, or which follows; as, the hinder part of a wagon; the hinder parts of a horse.
  2. To keep back or behind; to prevent from starting or moving forward; to check; to retard; to obstruct; to bring to a full stop; -- often followed by from; as, an accident hindered the coach; drought hinders the growth of plants; to hinder me from going.
  3. To prevent or embarrass; to debar; to shut out.
  4. To interpose obstacles or impediments; to be a hindrance.
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Hinder Translations

hinder in Danish is hindre, forhindre, forstyrre
hinder in Dutch is belemmeren, doorkruisen, beletten
hinder in Finnish is vaivata
hinder in German is behindere, aufhalten
hinder in Italian is impedire
hinder in Latin is impedo, prohibeo, impedio
hinder in Norwegian is forhindre, hindre
hinder in Spanish is impedir, molestar, empachar