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Definition of Hill


  1. A natural elevation of land, or a mass of earth rising above the common level of the surrounding land; an eminence less than a mountain.
  2. The earth raised about the roots of a plant or cluster of plants. [U. S.] See Hill, v. t.
  3. A single cluster or group of plants growing close together, and having the earth heaped up about them; as, a hill of corn or potatoes.
  4. To surround with earth; to heap or draw earth around or upon; as, to hill corn.
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Hill Translations

hill in Danish is bakke
hill in Dutch is aanaarden
hill in Hungarian is domb, hegy
hill in Italian is collina, pendio, eminenza
hill in Portuguese is monte, colina
hill in Spanish is colina, cerro, cerro
hill in Swedish is kulle, backe