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Definition of Hilarious


  1. Mirthful; noisy; merry.

Hilarious Quotations

In black neighborhoods, everybody appreciated comedy about real life. In the white community, fantasy was funnier. I started looking for the jokes that were equally hilarious across the board, for totally different reasons.
Will Smith

It's always funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's just hilarious.
Bill Hicks

I know my life is full of awkward pauses, and I think it's hilarious.
Josh Hutcherson

I could party in a cardboard box with people who are funny and don't care. For me, it's really about who I surround myself with, so I just try to always be with hilarious people.

It's hilarious a lot of times. You have a conversation with someone, and he's like, 'You speak so well!' I'm like, 'What do you mean? Do you understand that's an insult?
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Hilarious Translations

hilarious in Swedish is lustiga

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