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Definition of Highway


  1. A road or way open to the use of the public; a main road or thoroughfare.

Highway Quotations

The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who... looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space... on the infinite highway of the air.
Wilbur Wright

It's not hard to get your way when it's your way or the highway. People either follow suit or they're not around. I don't really like the sound of that, 'cause that sounds like a temper tantrum. I'm just very black and white when it comes to my business. There's really no gray area.
Nicki Minaj

The best path through life is the highway.
Henri Frederic Amiel

Sound character provides the power with which a person may ride the emergencies of life instead of being overwhelmed by them. Failure is... the highway to success.
Og Mandino

Worshipping is stripping ourselves of our idols, even the most hidden ones, and choosing the Lord as the centre, as the highway of our lives.
Pope Francis
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Highway Translations

highway in Dutch is verkeersweg, grote weg
highway in Finnish is valtakatu
highway in Norwegian is hovedvei
highway in Portuguese is estrada
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