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Definition of High-Spirited


  1. Full of spirit or natural fire; haughty; courageous; impetuous; not brooking restraint or opposition.

High-Spirited Quotations

It is better to be high-spirited even though one makes more mistakes, than to be narrow-minded and all too prudent.
Vincent Van Gogh

The high-spirited man may indeed die, but he will not stoop to meanness. Fire, though it may be quenched, will not become cool.

I'll tell you what I was like as a child. I was a good person. I was high-spirited but I was a big reader.
Vivienne Westwood

How many famous and high-spirited heroes have lived a day too long?
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
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High-Spirited Translations

high-spirited in Swedish is modig, eldig
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