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Definition of Hesitant


  1. Not prompt in deciding or acting; hesitating.
  2. Unready in speech.

Hesitant Quotations

You have to feel confident. If you don't, then you're going to be hesitant and defensive, and there'll be a lot of things working against you.
Clint Eastwood

I've done a lot of sci-fi, so I was a little hesitant because you get pigeonholed into that genre and world. But at the same time, I love sci-fi because the women are so strong and independent and smart.
Laura Vandervoort

I was always a little hesitant to accuse people of loading a bat to hit a ball farther. I was always very hesitant to approach people because I never had any evidence that I had firsthand knowledge of.
Joe Torre

I'm a bit hesitant to do anything because I'm actually kind of lazy and I'd like an easier life from now on. The world's a massive place with lots of early mornings and late starts when you're working.
Robbie Williams

I want young people to be hesitant to glorify war and to demand of their leaders justification for the sacrifices they ask of our citizens.
Walter Dean Myers
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Hesitant Translations

hesitant in Dutch is aarzelend
hesitant in Italian is esitante
hesitant in Latin is incertus

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