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Definition of Heroine


  1. A woman of an heroic spirit.
  2. The principal female person who figures in a remarkable action, or as the subject of a poem or story.

Heroine Quotations

I'm a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone's life.
Mitch Hedberg

To be a hero or a heroine, one must give an order to oneself.
Simone Weil

My favorite literary heroine is Jo March. It is hard to overstate what she meant to a small, plain girl called Jo, who had a hot temper and a burning ambition to be a writer.
J. K. Rowling

I don't want to be typecast as a heroine who does a certain kind of cinema, which is why I experiment with the types of films that I do. But yes, I won't deny that romantic love stories or romantic comedies are what I enjoy doing the most, because as an audience those are the kind of films that I like watching.
Deepika Padukone

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is just perfect in 'Veep.' She gets to show off the spiky claws beneath her patrician finesse. The obvious way to play 'Veep' would be to make Louis-Dreyfus a folksy heroine, one with more common sense or populist heart than her enemies. But she isn't one.
Rob Sheffield
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Heroine Translations

heroine in Afrikaans is heldin
heroine in Dutch is heldin
heroine in German is Heldin
heroine in Italian is eroina
heroine in Norwegian is heltinne
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