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Definition of Helena


  1. See St. Elmo's fire, under Saint.

Helena Quotations

I like people who dress quirkly and differently. Like in womenswear, thank god for Helena Bonham Carter!
Helena Christensen

Very early on, you figure out that you put your self-esteem in the hands of strangers. There's a different commodity. There's the Helena Bonham Carter that everyone thinks they know, who really has nothing to do with me. But you just have to let that go.
Helena Bonham Carter

I've always loved Helena Christensen's style because she looks casual and comfortable, while being chic and cool.
Louise Nurding

I loved doing Shakespeare. My two favorite roles, in fact, have been Viola in Twelfth Night and Helena in A Midsummer Night's Dream.
Blythe Danner

People should be a little loony, Helena. That's the best thing about them.
Karel Capek
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