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Definition of Hectic


  1. Habitual; constitutional; pertaining especially to slow waste of animal tissue, as in consumption; as, a hectic type in disease; a hectic flush.
  2. In a hectic condition; having hectic fever; consumptive; as, a hectic patient.
  3. Hectic fever.
  4. A hectic flush.

Hectic Quotations

I am going to try to pay attention to the spring. I am going to look around at all the flowers, and look up at the hectic trees. I am going to close my eyes and listen.
Anne Lamott

The spring, summer, is quite a hectic time for people in their lives, but then it comes to autumn, and to winter, and you can't but help think back to the year that was, and then hopefully looking forward to the year that is approaching.

Touring is tough. You're almost in a haze because you don't really know where you are half the time: You're in a hotel room one moment, and the next thing you know, you're onstage performing for 60,000 people, then you're back on an airplane. It's very hectic and I couldn't do it without my family.
Vanessa Hudgens

A continual atmosphere of hectic passion is very trying if you haven't got any of your own.
Dorothy L. Sayers

I've got a hectic schedule, but I wouldn't have my life any other way.
Dominic Monaghan
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Hectic Translations

hectic in German is hektisch
hectic in Hungarian is izgatott, mozgalmas, nyugtalan
hectic in Norwegian is hektisk
hectic in Spanish is agitado

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