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Definition of Hanger


  1. One who hangs, or causes to be hanged; a hangman.
  2. That by which a thing is suspended.
  3. A strap hung to the girdle, by which a dagger or sword is suspended.
  4. A part that suspends a journal box in which shafting runs. See Illust. of Countershaft.
  5. A bridle iron.
  6. That which hangs or is suspended, as a sword worn at the side; especially, in the 18th century, a short, curved sword.
  7. A steep, wooded declivity.

Hanger Translations

hanger in French is pendentif, cintre
hanger in Italian is staffa, nudista, gruccia
hanger in Norwegian is henger
hanger in Spanish is secuaz, colgador

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