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Definition of Handbook


  1. A book of reference, to be carried in the hand; a manual; a guidebook.

Handbook Quotations

Stealing bases was put to me almost as a prerequisite for staying in the game. They didn't give me a handbook on how to do it; they said do it. Under those conditions you go out and develop your own handbook.
Lou Brock

The Book of Mormon is our handbook of instructions as we travel the pathway from bad to good to better and strive to have our hearts changed.
David A. Bednar

I am a pastor, and I teach and preach the Bible to my congregation every week. But the Bible is not a manufacturer's handbook. Neither is it a science textbook nor a guidebook for public policy.
Adam Hamilton

We have used the Bible as if it were a mere special constable's handbook, an opium dose for keeping beasts of burden patient while they are overloaded.
Charles Kingsley

Sloanes aren't cafe society or NYLON hedge-funders with million-pound bonuses, or London Eurotrash wearing upgraded style anglais. Ann Barr's and my original picture of them in 'The Official Sloane Ranger Handbook,' published in 1982, was of an upper-middle-class world, conservative and fairly homogeneous, united by old attitudes and institutions.
Peter York
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Handbook Translations

handbook in Afrikaans is gids
handbook in Dutch is gidsboek, vademecum, gids, reisgids
handbook in French is manuel
handbook in German is Handbuch
handbook in Italian is manuale
handbook in Portuguese is manual
handbook in Spanish is manual
handbook in Swedish is handbok