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Definition of Habitable


  1. Capable of being inhabited; that may be inhabited or dwelt in; as, the habitable world.

Habitable Quotations

My own view is that being a vegetarian or vegan is not an end in itself, but a means towards reducing both human and animal suffering and leaving a habitable planet to future generations.
Peter Singer

One in 200 stars has habitable Earth-like planets surrounding it - in the galaxy, half a billion stars have Earth-like planets going around them - that's huge, half a billion. So when we look at the night sky, it makes sense that someone is looking back at us.
Michio Kaku

A house cannot be made habitable in a day; and, after all, how few days go to make up a century.
Bram Stoker

In days gone by, scientists would speak solemnly about our solar system's 'habitable zone' - a theoretical region extending from Venus to Mars, but perhaps not encompassing either, where a planet would be the right temperature to have liquid water on its surface.
Seth Shostak

Planets that don't currently sport plate tectonics, such as Venus and Mars, are scarcely habitable. Tectonics might be a requirement of any world that aspires to a rich diversity of life.
Seth Shostak
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Habitable Translations

habitable in German is bewohnbar
habitable in Italian is abitabile
habitable in Norwegian is beboelig
habitable in Spanish is vividero, habitable
habitable in Swedish is beboelig
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