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Definition of Gush


  1. To issue with violence and rapidity, as a fluid; to rush forth as a fluid from confinement; to flow copiously.
  2. To make a sentimental or untimely exhibition of affection; to display enthusiasm in a silly, demonstrative manner.
  3. A sudden and violent issue of a fluid from an inclosed plase; an emission of a liquid in a large quantity, and with force; the fluid thus emitted; a rapid outpouring of anything; as, a gush of song from a bird.
  4. A sentimental exhibition of affection or enthusiasm, etc.; effusive display of sentiment.
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Gush Translations

gush in Dutch is opspatten, stuiven, verspuiten
gush in French is jaillir, flot
gush in Latin is profundo frofui profusum
gush in Norwegian is sprut, utbrudd
gush in Spanish is chorro
gush in Swedish is spruta fram, forsa ut