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Definition of Grumpy


  1. Surly; dissatisfied; grouty.

Grumpy Quotations

I wouldn't say I was grumpy. It's more pathological - I have seismic tantrums. I get red in the face and cry at least three times a week, and I have to lie down and have a nap afterwards.
Jenny Eclair

You look at a herd of cattle and well, they all look the same... but they know. They all have an individual personality, and those personalities change from day to day. They can have their grumpy days and their happy days and their serene days. But it's unpredictable. You can't be off in outer space when you're dealing with animals.
Chris Cooper

There's a fine line between angry and grumpy. Angry isn't nice, but grumpy is funny.
Rick Wakeman

I'm horrible in the mornings. I'm grumpy.
Hugh Grant

I'm not a dictator. It's just that I have a grumpy face.
Augusto Pinochet
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Grumpy Translations

grumpy in French is grondeurse
grumpy in German is brummig, brummige
grumpy in Norwegian is gretten, sur
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