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Definition of Grumbling


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Grumbling Quotations

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns; I am thankful that thorns have roses.
Alphonse Karr

When doubt comes against us, we have to lift up the shield of faith. We do this when we open our mouth and say what God's Word says, rather than grumbling and complaining about the problem.
Joyce Meyer

Do all things without grumbling. Why? You have a sovereign God who is on your side, who works everything together for your good.
John Piper

I get sort of short with people and start grumbling and clearing my throat - in honor of my father - when I'm impatient. It's very charming.
Maria Bamford

Him, who incessantly laughs in the street, you may commonly hear grumbling in his closet.
Johann Kaspar Lavater
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Grumbling Translations

grumbling in German is murrend, brummig, brummend, brummigen
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