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Definition of Groin


  1. The snout of a swine.
  2. To grunt to growl; to snarl; to murmur.
  3. The line between the lower part of the abdomen and the thigh, or the region of this line; the inguen.
  4. The projecting solid angle formed by the meeting of two vaults, growing more obtuse as it approaches the summit.
  5. The surface formed by two such vaults.
  6. A frame of woodwork across a beach to accumulate and retain shingle.
  7. To fashion into groins; to build with groins.

Groin Translations

groin in Dutch is lies
groin in French is aine
groin in German is Leiste
groin in Italian is listello
groin in Norwegian is lyske
groin in Spanish is liston, ingle
groin in Swedish is ljumske