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Definition of Grinding


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Grinding Quotations

I am turned into a sort of machine for observing facts and grinding out conclusions.
Charles Darwin

A molcajete is a stone mortar and pestle from Mexico. They're great for grinding spices and making salsa and guacamole because they give everything a nice coarse and rustic feel. I've never collected anything, but I think I might start collecting these because each one is decorated differently.
Bobby Flay

I used to think that nails-down-a-chalkboard was the worst sound in the world. Then I moved on to people-eating-cereal-on-the-phone. But only this week did I stumble across the rightful winner: it's the sound of a baggage carousel coming to a grinding halt, having reunited every passenger on your flight with their luggage, except for you.
Sloane Crosley

My making it is a combination of grinding, grinding, grinding and being lucky enough to finally get a shot.
Busta Rhymes

Now we're in the midst of not just advocating for change, not just calling for change - we're doing the grinding, sometimes frustrating work of delivering change - inch by inch, day by day.
Barack Obama
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Grinding Translations

grinding in German is reibend, schleifend
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