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Definition of Griffin


  1. An Anglo-Indian name for a person just arrived from Europe.
  2. Alt. of Griffon

Griffin Quotations

Marie Antoinette was funny, I'm sure she was just misinterpreted. You know the 'Let them eat cake' line. She seems like she was kind of funny, like a Chelsea Handler or Kathy Griffin type.
Colin Quinn

If you want to know why the towers of American capitalism are crumbling, I recommend reading 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' by G. Edward Griffin.
Robert Kiyosaki

I'm a big fan of Katt Williams, Jim Gaffigan, Louie CK, Margaret Cho, Kathy Griffin, Rich Vas, Joey Vega and Matt Claybrooks.
Chris Rock

I think the world of Dave Griffin. I worked with him in Phoenix, got to know him very well, and consider him a friend.
Grant Hill

Diana Ross saw me on Merv Griffin and hired me to be her opening act.
Howie Mandel
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Griffin Translations

griffin in Swedish is grip, sagodjur
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