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Definition of Grease


  1. Animal fat, as tallow or lard, especially when in a soft state; oily or unctuous matter of any kind.
  2. An inflammation of a horse's heels, suspending the ordinary greasy secretion of the part, and producing dryness and scurfiness, followed by cracks, ulceration, and fungous excrescences.
  3. To smear, anoint, or daub, with grease or fat; to lubricate; as, to grease the wheels of a wagon.
  4. To bribe; to corrupt with presents.
  5. To cheat or cozen; to overreach.
  6. To affect (a horse) with grease, the disease.

Grease Quotations

The wheel that squeaks the loudest is the one that gets the grease.
Josh Billings

When I'm marketing a film, whether its mine or someone else's, I work with a great deal of strategy and elbow grease until the job is done.
Ava DuVernay

I once sang 'Summer Nights,' from 'Grease,' at a bar in Melbourne with John Travolta, who's a good friend of mine. He looked cool singing the part of Danny - sitting in an armchair, smoking a cigar - while I got stuck playing Sandy.
Hugh Jackman

Although most Americans apparently loathe inflation, Yale economists have argued that a little inflation may be necessary to grease the wheels of the labor market and enable efficiency-enhancing changes in relative pay to occur without requiring nominal wage cuts by workers.
Janet Yellen

In terms of influence, my style icons have been a mixture of Julie Andrews and Olivia Newton-John. When I was little I used to watch 'Grease,' 'Mary Poppins' and 'The Sound of Music' a lot. If you put all those things together you do kind of get my outfits. A slightly tarty nanny in a second-hand outfit. That is pretty much what I wear.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor
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Grease Translations

grease in Afrikaans is vet
grease in Danish is fedt
grease in Dutch is invetten
grease in Finnish is rasva
grease in French is graisse, gribouiller, graissage
grease in German is abschmieren, Fett, Fett, schmieren, fetten
grease in Italian is grassello, ingrassare, untume, ingrassare
grease in Norwegian is fett
grease in Portuguese is graxa, gordura
grease in Spanish is grasa, engrase, unto, engrasar
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