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Definition of Grandpa


  1. Alt. of Grandpapa

Grandpa Quotations

My grandpa was a preacher.
Dolly Parton

We need to go back to the way it was 30 years ago, when everybody had Grandma and Grandpa, and we were willing to pass moral judgments about right and wrong.
Steven Tyler

All my momma's people were very musical. My grandpa, who was the Pentecostal minister, he was a great musician. He played the fiddle, he played the piano.
Dolly Parton

I'm so much fun. Every kid wishes I was their grandpa! I'm the Motor City Madgramps.
Ted Nugent

I go to my grandchildren. They keep their grandpa informed on what's going on.
Ben Vereen
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Grandpa Translations

grandpa in German is Grosspapa
grandpa in Swedish is morfar, farfar

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