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Definition of Gourmet


  1. A connoisseur in eating and drinking; an epicure.

Gourmet Quotations

I don't like gourmet cooking or 'this' cooking or 'that' cooking. I like good cooking.
James Beard

A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch.
James Beard

Nine out of 10 Hollywood aliens look like us. Oh, sure, they might be short, big-eyed and hairless - decked out in skin smoother than gourmet prosciutto. But really, these creatures from afar are usually so anthropomorphic (aside from their grey complexions), they could pass for hominid relatives, freshly flushed from some cryptic jungle habitat.
Seth Shostak

The true gourmet, like the true artist, is one of the unhappiest creatures existent. His trouble comes from so seldom finding what he constantly seeks: perfection.
Ludwig Bemelmans

During the day I force myself to at least eat some salads rather than rubbish, and a steak in the evening. In fact, I eat to basically satisfy my hunger. I hardly have the time to appreciate a meal, and I'm everything, but a gourmet.
Milla Jovovich
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Gourmet Translations

gourmet in French is gourmet
gourmet in German is Feinschmecker
gourmet in Italian is buongustaio
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