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Definition of Gorge


  1. The throat; the gullet; the canal by which food passes to the stomach.
  2. A narrow passage or entrance
  3. A defile between mountains.
  4. The entrance into a bastion or other outwork of a fort; -- usually synonymous with rear. See Illust. of Bastion.
  5. That which is gorged or swallowed, especially by a hawk or other fowl.
  6. A filling or choking of a passage or channel by an obstruction; as, an ice gorge in a river.
  7. A concave molding; a cavetto.
  8. The groove of a pulley.
  9. To swallow; especially, to swallow with greediness, or in large mouthfuls or quantities.
  10. To glut; to fill up to the throat; to satiate.
  11. To eat greedily and to satiety.
  12. A primitive device used instead of a fishhook, consisting of an object easy to be swallowed but difficult to be ejected or loosened, as a piece of bone or stone pointed at each end and attached in the middle to a line.

Gorge Translations

gorge in French is ravin
gorge in German is Kehle, Schlucht
gorge in Italian is burrone
gorge in Latin is ingurgito
gorge in Spanish is barranca