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Definition of Goat


  1. A hollow-horned ruminant of the genus Capra, of several species and varieties, esp. the domestic goat (C. hircus), which is raised for its milk, flesh, and skin.

Goat Quotations

On second thought, I think I am more crazy than my goat.
Remedios Varo

When I was a lad in my 20s, as carefree and debonair as any other underpaid newspaperman, I happened to be a golfer who could flirt with par fairly often, and I was adventurous enough in those days to play any known or unknown thief who showed up at Goat Hills for whatever amount he fancied.
Dan Jenkins

Well, only Japanese may understand it, but I'm like a goat or something that likes high places.
Tamae Watanabe

Love is not love, without a violin playing goat.
Julia Roberts

I drive out to this quail farm, where I get a lot of these incredible quail eggs, which I eat all day long. And I eat a lot of superfoods like goji, cacao and chia seeds, things like that. And I like unpasteurised milk of the goat and the sheep. They send it once a week from Pennsylvania, from the Amish farms, and I get it in Los Angeles.
Vincent Gallo
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Goat Translations

goat in Danish is ged
goat in Dutch is sik, geit, bok
goat in Italian is capra
goat in Norwegian is geit
goat in Portuguese is cabra
goat in Spanish is cabra
goat in Swedish is get
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