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Definition of Gnome


  1. An imaginary being, supposed by the Rosicrucians to inhabit the inner parts of the earth, and to be the guardian of mines, quarries, etc.
  2. A dwarf; a goblin; a person of small stature or misshapen features, or of strange appearance.
  3. A small owl (Glaucidium gnoma) of the Western United States.
  4. A brief reflection or maxim.

Gnome Quotations

As a composer and as a musician I'm a true believer - and this is not to be overly diplomatic - I'm a believer that there's artistry in everything from a lawn gnome to a desk chair to a symphony to an Andy Warhol painting. There's art in absolutely everything.
Darren Criss

OS X is sweet: it's simple and intuitive, and I think GNOME shares a lot of values with it.
Nat Friedman

We cannot choose one desktop over the other - Gnome or KDE - because there's users for both code bases.
Miguel de Icaza

In the GNOME project we tried to keep the platform language independent.
Miguel de Icaza
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Gnome Translations

gnome in Dutch is aardmannetje, gnoom
gnome in German is Gnom
gnome in Norwegian is dverg
gnome in Spanish is gnomo
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