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Definition of Glorifying


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Glorifying Quotations

Everything is not black-and-white. I'm really interested in the gray area - not justifying it, not glorifying it, not condoning it, but at least having people see there's a genesis for every event in our lives. There's some divine order to it, whether it's ugly or beautiful.
Isaiah Washington

I'm not glorifying it at all, I'm just basically telling you that sometimes I have suicidal thoughts. And maybe I should seek help, or maybe it's not that deep.
ASAP Rocky

I think that you can honour the sacrifices of a common soldier without glorifying war.
Geraldine Brooks

My habit of glorifying things far away in space and time, also contributed to my social isolation.
Luke Ford

I'm interested in glorifying something that we in the world would say doesn't deserve being glorified. Something that's forgotten, focused on as though it were some sort of sacred object.
Edward Ruscha
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Glorifying Translations

glorifying in German is verherrlichen, verherrlichend, verhimmelnd