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Definition of Ghetto


  1. The Jews'quarter in an Italian town or city.
  2. A quarter of a city where Jews live in greatest numbers.

Ghetto Quotations

I don't think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who from an early age knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.
Oprah Winfrey

It all happened so fast. The ghetto. The deportation. The sealed cattle car. The fiery altar upon which the history of our people and the future of mankind were meant to be sacrificed.
Elie Wiesel

Booty is just a ghetto expression, and I'm just a booty star.
Richard Pryor

I was born and raised in the ghetto, on welfare, two minutes from homeless.

For thugs from the ghetto, violence is a way of life - it's what helps you survive.
Suge Knight
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Ghetto Translations

ghetto in French is ghetto
ghetto in Spanish is gueto
ghetto in Swedish is getto
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