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Definition of Georgian


  1. Of or pertaining to Georgia, in Asia, or to Georgia, one of the United States.
  2. Of or relating to the reigns of the four Georges, kings of Great Britan; as, the Georgian era.
  3. A native of, or dweller in, Georgia.
  4. Of or pertaining to Georgia, one of the United States.

Georgian Quotations

I love walking along Leith's waterfront and wandering around some of New Town's beautiful streets and squares, with their gorgeous Georgian architecture.
Dexter Fletcher

No, my family is Russian, Georgian, via Ellis Island.
Mitch Kapor

Linda Georgian is a wonderful psychic. She can do amazing things.
Dionne Warwick

Georgian England was very radical; there were all these new revolutionary ideas, and I think women had more freedom than they did later on.
Marion Bailey

Georgian architecture respected the scale of both the individual and the community.
Stephen Gardiner
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