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Definition of Generous


  1. Of honorable birth or origin; highborn.
  2. Exhibiting those qualities which are popularly reregarded as belonging to high birth; noble; honorable; magnanimous; spirited; courageous.
  3. Open-handed; free to give; not close or niggardly; munificent; as, a generous friend or father.
  4. Characterized by generosity; abundant; overflowing; as, a generous table.
  5. Full of spirit or strength; stimulating; exalting; as, generous wine.
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Generous Translations

generous in Danish is gavmild
generous in Dutch is royaal, genereus, gul, goedgeefs
generous in Italian is liberale, liberale
generous in Latin is liberalis
generous in Portuguese is generoso
generous in Spanish is dadivoso, generoso, rumbon