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Definition of Generator


  1. One who, or that which, generates, begets, causes, or produces.
  2. An apparatus in which vapor or gas is formed from a liquid or solid by means of heat or chemical process, as a steam boiler, gas retort, or vessel for generating carbonic acid gas, etc.
  3. The principal sound or sounds by which others are produced; the fundamental note or root of the common chord; -- called also generating tone.
  4. Any machine that transforms mechanical into electrical energy; a dynamo.

Generator Quotations

The nuclear generator of brain sludge is television.
Dave Barry

We wind a simple ring of iron with coils; we establish the connections to the generator, and with wonder and delight we note the effects of strange forces which we bring into play, which allow us to transform, to transmit and direct energy at will.
Nikola Tesla

I'm not a craftsman of graphics or art or film. I'm more of an idea generator and manufacturer.
Mike Mills

Even as a kid I was never the generator of humor, but I always knew who was funny, who to hang out with.
Andrew Stanton

In OK Computer, the guitar was already moving towards a tone generator as well as a riff generator.
Colin Greenwood
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Generator Translations

generator in German is Generator, Stomerzeuger, Stromerzeuger
generator in Italian is generatore
generator in Spanish is generador

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