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Definition of Geisha


  1. of Geisha
  2. A Japanese singing and dancing girl.

Geisha Quotations

I studied Japanese language and culture in college and graduate school, and afterward went to work in Tokyo, where I met a young man whose father was a famous businessman and whose mother was a geisha. He and I never discussed his parentage, which was an open secret, but it fascinated me.
Arthur Golden

What I really wanted to know, though, was what it was like to be a geisha? Where do you sleep? What do you eat? How do you have your hair done?
Arthur Golden

There's nothing in Chinese culture that is an equivalent of the geisha. It's so different, so special to Japan.
Ziyi Zhang

Geisha because when I was living in Japan, I met a fellow whose mother was a geisha, and I thought that was kind of fascinating and ended up reading about the subject just about the same time I was getting interested in writing fiction.
Arthur Golden

For myself I don't like the geisha look. It's like a mask.
Ziyi Zhang
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Geisha Translations

geisha in Dutch is geisha
geisha in Swedish is geisha
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