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Definition of Gathering


  1. of Gather
  2. The act of collecting or bringing together.
  3. That which is gathered, collected, or brought together
  4. A crowd; an assembly; a congregation.
  5. A charitable contribution; a collection.
  6. A tumor or boil suppurated or maturated; an abscess.
  7. Assembling; collecting; used for gathering or concentrating.
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Gathering Translations

gathering in Afrikaans is vergadering
gathering in Danish is forsamling
gathering in Dutch is bijeenkomst, meeting, samenkomst
gathering in Finnish is kokous
gathering in French is cueillant, amassant, ramassage, ramassant
gathering in German is Sammeln, scharend, Erfassung
gathering in Latin is gelamen
gathering in Norwegian is sammenkomst
gathering in Portuguese is recolhimento