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Definition of Garland


  1. The crown of a king.
  2. A wreath of chaplet made of branches, flowers, or feathers, and sometimes of precious stones, to be worn on the head like a crown; a coronal; a wreath.
  3. The top; the thing most prized.
  4. A book of extracts in prose or poetry; an anthology.
  5. A sort of netted bag used by sailors to keep provision in.
  6. A grommet or ring of rope lashed to a spar for convenience in handling.
  7. To deck with a garland.

Garland Quotations

Every day, my mom and I would watch a different Judy Garland VHS. I love how she tells a story when she sings. It was just about her voice and the words she was singing - no strings attached or silly hair or costumes, just a woman singing her heart out. I feel like that doesn't happen that much anymore.
Ariana Grande

Arguably, the relationship between Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland is one of the great mother-daughter sagas of all time. Certainly, for certain people, and a lot of them, Liza is the bigger star. Liza is the more kind of viable legend, shall we say. Then there's the other camp, where Judy is the one.
Rufus Wainwright

My mother was a phoenix who always expected to rise from the ashes of her latest disaster. She loved being Judy Garland.
Lorna Luft

It was no great tragedy being Judy Garland's daughter. I had tremendously interesting childhood years - except they had little to do with being a child.
Liza Minnelli

I used to listen to Judy Garland all the time - I love Judy Garland and her music. But I started to realize that if you keep singing like that, singing songs of being victimized by love over and over and over again, it can't help but have a profound effect on your life.
Diane Keaton
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Garland Translations

garland in Dutch is slinger, slingerkrans, guirlande
garland in German is Girlande
garland in Italian is festone
garland in Norwegian is krans, bekranse
garland in Spanish is feston, guirnalda
garland in Swedish is krans, bekransa, girland
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