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Definition of Galloping


  1. of Gallop
  2. Going at a gallop; progressing rapidly; as, a galloping horse.

Galloping Quotations

I am essentially a middle-aged woman who likes making up weird snack combinations and galloping.
Miranda Hart

I have a Chamberlain I bought from some surfers in Westwood many years ago. It's an early analog synthesizer; it operates on tape loops. It has 60 voices - everything from galloping horses to owls to rain to every instrument in the orchestra.
Tom Waits

Europe is usually where I am usually galloping around.
Joe Cocker

Britain today is suffering from galloping obsolescence.
Tony Benn

Since I'm a fan of collections and anthologies, believe that the best writing often shines in shards and galloping stretches, I never find myself lobbying for a writer I enjoy reading regularly to hole up in Heidegger's hut for four or five years to bring forth a mountain.
James Wolcott
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Galloping Translations

galloping in German is galoppierend
galloping in Spanish is galopante
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