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Definition of Gallop


  1. To move or run in the mode called a gallop; as a horse; to go at a gallop; to run or move with speed.
  2. To ride a horse at a gallop.
  3. Fig.: To go rapidly or carelessly, as in making a hasty examination.
  4. To cause to gallop.
  5. A mode of running by a quadruped, particularly by a horse, by lifting alternately the fore feet and the hind feet, in successive leaps or bounds.

Gallop Quotations

I always dreamt that I would marry in the Piazza Del Campo in Siena and go on my honeymoon down the Amazon, up the Nile, on a gallop through the pyramids, to Nepal and Kerala, on a safari and finally to Lake Titicaca in Peru.
Jasmine Guinness

There can be no two opinions as to what a highbrow is. He is the man or woman of thoroughbred intelligence who rides his mind at a gallop across country in pursuit of an idea.
Virginia Woolf

When a man's mind rides faster than his horse can gallop they quickly both tire.
John Webster

The great liberty of the fictional writer is to let the imagination out of the traces and see it gallop off over the horizon.
Will Self

Companions are we, enlivened by a mighty gallop quickly sliding a harsh straw basket of sea foam gathered astride the tide.
Bradley Chicho
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Gallop Translations

gallop in Dutch is galopperen
gallop in French is galop
gallop in German is Galopp
gallop in Italian is galoppo
gallop in Norwegian is galoppere, galopp
gallop in Spanish is galope
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