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Definition of Gallant


  1. Showy; splendid; magnificent; gay; well-dressed.
  2. Noble in bearing or spirit; brave; high-spirited; courageous; heroic; magnanimous; as, a gallant youth; a gallant officer.
  3. Polite and attentive to ladies; courteous to women; chivalrous.
  4. A man of mettle or spirit; a gay; fashionable man; a young blood.
  5. One fond of paying attention to ladies.
  6. One who wooes; a lover; a suitor; in a bad sense, a seducer.
  7. To attend or wait on, as a lady; as, to gallant ladies to the play.
  8. To handle with grace or in a modish manner; as, to gallant a fan.
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Gallant Translations

gallant in Dutch is eerlijk, dapper, flink, braaf
gallant in Finnish is uljas
gallant in French is brave, vaillant, galant
gallant in German is galant
gallant in Italian is galante
gallant in Swedish is artig, tapper