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Definition of Fuse


  1. To liquefy by heat; to render fiuid; to dissolve; to melt.
  2. To unite or blend, as if melted together.
  3. To be reduced from a solid to a Quid state by heat; to be melted; to melt.
  4. To be blended, as if melted together.
  5. A tube or casing filled with combustible matter, by means of which a charge of powder is ignited, as in blasting; -- called also fuzee. See Fuze.
  6. Alt. of Fuze
  7. Alt. of Fuze, plug

Fuse Quotations

Peace demands the united efforts of us all. Who can foresee what spark might ignite the fuse?
Haile Selassie

The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match. Each one of you is a fuse.
Ed Koch

I'm a young girl with an old soul. I wanted to fuse the two together, the past and the present.
Melanie Fiona

I don't like losing but I've mellowed. I maybe have a short fuse but it goes away quicker now.
Alex Ferguson

All short women have a delayed fuse. Marry a taller woman: My wife was an inch or two taller than me; it's a sign of security.
Mel Brooks
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Fuse Translations

fuse in Dutch is kousje, lont, lampepit
fuse in German is vereinigen, elektrische Sicherung, Sicherung
fuse in Norwegian is sikring, lunte
fuse in Spanish is espoleta, fusible
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