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Definition of Furniture


  1. That with which anything is furnished or supplied; supplies; outfit; equipment.
  2. Articles used for convenience or decoration in a house or apartment, as tables, chairs, bedsteads, sofas, carpets, curtains, pictures, vases, etc.
  3. The necessary appendages to anything, as to a machine, a carriage, a ship, etc.
  4. The masts and rigging of a ship.
  5. The mountings of a gun.
  6. Builders' hardware such as locks, door and window trimmings.
  7. Pieces of wood or metal of a lesser height than the type, placed around the pages or other matter in a form, and, with the quoins, serving to secure the form in its place in the chase.
  8. A mixed or compound stop in an organ; -- sometimes called mixture.
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Furniture Translations

furniture in Dutch is huisraad, ameublement, inboedel
furniture in French is meublante, meubles
furniture in Italian is mobilia, mobili
furniture in Latin is suppellex suppellectilus, supellex supellectilis
furniture in Spanish is mobiliario, mueble