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Definition of Fulcrum


  1. A prop or support.
  2. That by which a lever is sustained, or about which it turns in lifting or moving a body.
  3. An accessory organ such as a tendril, stipule, spine, and the like.
  4. The horny inferior surface of the lingua of certain insects.
  5. One of the small, spiniform scales found on the front edge of the dorsal and caudal fins of many ganoid fishes.
  6. The connective tissue supporting the framework of the retina of the eye.

Fulcrum Quotations

Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.

Everyone - pantheist, atheist, skeptic, polytheist - has to answer these questions: 'Where did I come from? What is life's meaning? How do I define right from wrong and what happens to me when I die?' Those are the fulcrum points of our existence.
Ravi Zacharias

The good opinion of mankind, like the lever of Archimedes, with the given fulcrum, moves the world.
Thomas Jefferson

There comes a time in each life like a point of fulcrum. At that time you must accept yourself. It is not anymore what you will become. It is what you are and always will be.
John Fowles

Since I've been hired to contribute to the storyline of 'Doom 4' I can say what was always true anyway. I'm working. You see, for a writer, lots of stuff that doesn't look like working is actually working. Looking out of the window, for example. Balancing a pencil on the edge of the desk in order to find its exact fulcrum. Playing 'Doom.'
Graham Joyce
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Fulcrum Translations

fulcrum in French is quadrillage
fulcrum in Spanish is fulcro
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