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Definition of Fry


  1. To cook in a pan or on a griddle (esp. with the use of fat, butter, or olive oil) by heating over a fire; to cook in boiling lard or fat; as, to fry fish; to fry doughnuts.
  2. To undergo the process of frying; to be subject to the action of heat in a frying pan, or on a griddle, or in a kettle of hot fat.
  3. To simmer; to boil.
  4. To undergo or cause a disturbing action accompanied with a sensation of heat.
  5. To be agitated; to be greatly moved.
  6. The young of any fish.
  7. A swarm or crowd, especially of little fishes; young or small things in general.
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Fry Translations

fry in Afrikaans is bak
fry in Dutch is bakken, fruiten
fry in French is fris, frisont, frire, frisons, frisez
fry in German is braten
fry in Norwegian is yngel, steke
fry in Portuguese is frite